Adaptive Language Resources,Inc.

Site updated: January 1st, 2023

Name Adaptive Language Resources, Inc.   
Country United States  
Region Massachusetts

Address 45 Mt. Auburn St.   
City Watertown   
Postal Code 02472  
Phone +1 (617) 9240554  
Fax +1 (617) 9240280  

Beware with Adrian! he still owe me
$2500.00! it's been 15 years!  

Reply: This occurred over 15 years ago when
Bradley never delivered the completed job

invoice for the dtp service. During the
project, he paid the other dtp person for a
project, he paid the other dtp person for a
few chapters. While, he left Mr. Bradley
invoice for the dtp service.

During the His business behavior is of least
to desire. Solely relying on the client to pay
him so he can pay the contractor.

As of today, Adrian Spidle did not settle the
invoice. He sure received from his client.
Easy money right?

Exercise extreme caution when dealing with
Adrian Spidle! He will rip you off and come
up with the lousiest excuse for not honoring
his "word"!

adaptive language resources - Adrian Spidle
the Rainmaker, Inc. - Adrian Spidle The
Rainmaker Astr-inc - adaptive language
resources, Inc. - Adrian Spidle -

wanna remove this link? pay me what you
owe! It's just $2500.00 dollars! I will accept
a paypal payment!
Exercise extreme care when dealing with
Adrian Spidle! He is very sneaky and a
professional crook!

January 1st, 2018
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