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Site updated: July 8th 2021

Worked for many years as InHouse Translator at one the then leading LSPs of my country (Israel),

suddenly the translation dept. was closed and I found myself out of job. 

Started to look around and found small jobs, suitable for size, delivery time and also payment terms. 

Few years ago a new competitor, OHT (short for One Hour Translation) started operating from

Cyprus at the beginning, then they opened an NY office too. 

I started working with them earning points for translated words, then I converted those points into $, issued invoice

and got paid smoothly through Paypal. 

Last March I converted points and issued an invoice for more than 900$, uploaded online the Israel tax

exemption form (what for? thay are Cyprus/US based co)  all as per what is stated and requested in their website and waited

till the end of April for my payment which never arrived. 

I sent messages through their website, received at the beginning automatic confirmations of received messages with

 promise to be contacted ASAP, got absurd mail replies by ppl who hasn't a clue about the matter (they kept asking for an Israeli tax

declaration which I CANNOT get because I live on Social Security benefits). 

Then I got a phone call from NY from a lady dealing with my case, explained my points,

got promises to be called the day after by a higher executive, which of course never happened.


This company is a fast growing one, and I want to alert fellow translators dealing with OHT

to be careful for the risk to be never paid.

US - +1-(800)-972-6014
UK - +44-(020)-8816-8048
or by fax at +1-(646)-626-7597.

One Hour Translation Offices:

Cyprus - Corporate Headquarters
7 Florinis St.
POB 24854, Nicosia, 1304

NY Sales Office:
380 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10168
United States.

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One Hour Translation, Cyprus - One Hour Translation, New York