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Site updated: January 1st, 2023

Fabio Araujo owner of IAP, contracted for
translation services. He received payment
from the final client in Portugal the full
amount and did not honor the translator's

It took some research from our part to find
out that the Portuguese translation agency
indeed wired transferred the money into
Fabio Araujo's bank account.
The presented evidence is more than
sufficient to substantiate the claim.

This is one of the claiming part comment:

Comentário : Mr. Fabio Araujo gets the job
and does not pay the translator! Beware!
he's a crook!  

This is Fabio's lousy and senseless

Responder: claims to be a reviewer. I lost
thousands of dollars per year thanks to his
"review", which didn't exist, according to
the end client. Should I pay him anything?

Fabio is right, in fact, he received the
money that was wired transferred from the
Portuguese agency. He declined that
received such wire. Our investigator
contacted the Portuguese agency and they
produced the bank wire information via fax
that was sent to Fabio's account.
Perhaps Mr. Fabio is the one that "pocket"
the money and trying to make up excuses!
Poor guy........

Exercise extreme care with Fabio Araujo.
He is very sneaky.

Cuidado com o Fabio Araujo. Ele é o
maior picareta do planeta, ladrão,
safado, pilantra, larapio, filho da puta

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