This is a classical example on when a
prospective customer call in for a service,
accept the delivered service, pays on
paypal and then and dispute the delivered

Customer hired to translate 3 documents.

The documents were delivered via
email and surface mailed

A few days later, customer decides to
charge back the translation. Nonetheless,
customer never placed a call to discuss any
issues pertaining the delivered translation
via email.

Customer does not respond to phone calls,
emails, or text messages.

Her silence speaks louder. In reality, the
delivered translations are intellectual

Once such claim in paypal is removed, this
link will be removed

According to our records, this is what
customer did against delivered intellectual
property service:

Transaction ID:         
Buyer Name:         Gabriella Newman
Buyer Email:
Transaction Amount:         $120.00 USD
Transaction Date:         May 6, 2011

A chargeback has been filed against this
transaction. The buyer indicated to their
card issuer that the goods or services
purchased were either damaged or not as

Exercise extreme caution when doing
business with her! She is a crook!
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