This is a classical example on when a
prospective customer call in for a service,
is happy with the service and when is time
to pay, ignore our emails, phone calls and
do not honor their word or obligation.

About a week ago, we were hired by
Charles Whitman-Curtis - Charles Whitman
Curtis to provide 180 minutes of phone
interpretation. The job was done

Mr. Charles Whitman-Curtis - Charles
Whitman Curtis was happy with the
outcome. We told him the price and even
gave a discount. The total bill came to
USD$70.00 dollars. We sent him a paypal
money request. A few days later, we never
received the payment.

After a few phone calls, Mr. Charles
Whitman-Curtis - Charles Whitman Curtis
answered the phone and puzzled on why
we were calling him. We told him that we
have not received the payment. He finally
check his email and the payment request
was in this junk mail folder.
He told us that he would forward the
paypal to his secretary.

More than a week, no payment, no
answering to our phone call, nor via email.
Mr. Charles Whitman-Curtis - Charles
Whitman Curtis, we are here to support
customers with their needs. We fail to
understand your behavior.

We provide you with everything and
superseded your expectations. So, now,
don't you believe that is more than fair to
pay us for the interpreting rendered
service for your personal matter? Do you
have a secretary that will take care of the
70 dollars you owe us? Does she exist? I
guess not. It is the classical scam of taking
advantage of a small company for your
personal gain.

As of today,
March 4th, 2017

Mr. Charles Whitman-Curtis - Charles Whitman
Curtis refused and  did not took care of this
payment. He is a scam artist! be very careful
when dealing with him!

He's the American Greed Scammer!

You know who we are.
Pay what you owe us
and we will be glad to request a link removal.

Charles Whitman-Curtis deleted or changed his
facebook page in order not to honor the 70
dollars he owe us.
Shame on you Charles!

This was Mr. Charles Whitman-Curtis - Charles
Whitman Curtis Facebook account:

Charles Whitman Curtis email address:
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Charles Whitman-Curtis
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