Sad stories was created to report payment practices,
payment practices of translation agencies, direct
clients payment practices, business practices,
payment reputation of translation
agencies and clients. Also to retaliate claims
with no substance of various dishonest claims on
various industries including translation agencies
and translators worldwide.

This translation payment practice
website is a public service when it comes to
inquire about a business or individual that his or
her practices are least to desire.

This Payment Practice site was created because some
 individuals make a profit on storing a database.
This information should be free of charge and here we

Offering free Payment Practice in freelance
translation on the translation agency won't pay for
 your translation job.

Like in many industries, freelance translation work is
available,yet, some "scammers" "scum bags"
take advantage of the hard working
freelance translator and try to
scam him or her out with their lousy excuses for
not paying the translator or freelancer.

 As we search the internet, Payment practices of
 translation agencies, it was discovered that such information
can are listed at:
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How to take action against bad payer
bad payers beware
Translation Payment Ethics
Translation Scams, non payers and frauds
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translator scammed over client
Translator: Scam: Client won't pay

 Just a bunch of Blah Blah Blah! and nothing is done
or revealed unless you pay for it to gain access!

Not any more!

Your story is
posted free of charge!
That's right!

The only way that the presented story or name to be
removed from this website is when another link
related to the same story is removed and of course
the other party take care of business.

We do verify the accuracy of the facts and post
the story as they are presented.

There is an administrative fee of USD 50.00
to permanently remove your sad story.

The only way to contact us is via email.

Take your time and read carefully.

Some stories are amazing!
Remember: we only post the facts.
We do not endorse none of the involved parties.

It can happen to you too! Some
 translation agency owners or direct clients
should work in Hollywood with their slimmy
"oh I am very so sorry for the inconvenience BS!"
Oh I have not received payment from the client
and as soon as I receive, I will pay you!

Do you really believe a translation agency
will get a job without an upfront payment?

Then, tell the translator that
he/shemust wait 30, 45, 60, 90 days to get paid?

Fight Back! Don't become the next victim from
a translation agency or direct client that will pay
you at their sweet time and display a
daisy like attitude!

We are updating this site as the stories come in
and our investigation department verifies its

Do you have a sad story to share? We offer free
service to post it including search engine
optimization! You have nothing to lose!
It is updated and indexed online on a daily basis.
It takes time, but eventually you will get paid !
we have many stories that were removed from the site
after 10 years!

Trust us! It works to let the world know what is the real


The author and publisher of the above
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particular purpose, or any losses or damages of
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the site's content.

This site is daily indexed on major search

The only way to remove your link is by
taking care of your own business.

Send your sad stories via email to be
published for free!

Our 2014 Current Hall
of Shame Shining Stars
that refuse to pay or
perhaps slipped their mind
on who they
owe and the amount:

We will never forget!

List updated daily and indexed
on major search engines

These are the most common and louzy excuses

The following excuses are:

1.) D
o not answer phone calls
(hide behind voice mail)
2.) Hide behind the monitor.

 3) Pay via paypal, get the service, are
satisfied and then turn around and place a
charge back with a lousy excuse that the charge was
not authorized.

4) Make their own conclusions and set justice with
their own hands.

5) Never reply to email messages in
regards to the matter.

6) "Oh I need to wait the client pay me
so I can pay you BS.

7.) "Oh! We only pay within 90 days BS!"

8) "Oh! we do not use paypal, can you accept a "Check"?
(do you really believe that?)
 only issue checks that
bounces whenever one deposit"

7) All the imaginable "Oh!" one can imagine
Translation agencies to believe all translators
are stupids or idiots

8) Shabby business practices on hold funds from customers
and releasing them at their own convenience. Wepay will tell you
that you are prone for issues! Bunch of BS!

9)Paypal is the worse online payment system! Do a google
on paypal customer complaints.

10) One-way right. Customer is very powerful, and
invincible, and always "right" behind
a computer screen or telephone with
irrational and uneducated manners.

Today's client/translation agencies winners
that are on the top
of lousy excuses for not paying or
come up with a Hollywood style story for not paying
the hard earned translator and steal intellectual
property are:

As of December 18th, 2014

Our Top Oscar Scammer or Irrational Individual Winners are:

Fernanda Martinelly Assis Costa
AKA "Nanda Costa" or Fernanda Costa
(Irrational Customer)

Fernando Peres Fraga

Gaetan Chretiennot

(Stay Away from them!)

Wepay Inc
(Stay Away from Them!) 

One Hour Translation, Cyprus

One Hour Translation, New York

Cathy Zagar (Exercise Caution)

Catherine Zagar (Exercise Caution)

Monica de Assis Carvalho (Exercise Caution)

Prof. Roberto Marco Alvarez de Blanco
(IE Business School)

Adrian Spidle (Biggest Crook in the World)

Charles Whitman Curtis (1st Class Online Scammer)

Gabriela Newman (Online Scammer)

Gab Newman (Online Scammer)

John Korth (Online Scammer)

Legal Translator Network Corp
(Boca Raton, Florida)

Elisangela Korth (Online Scammer)

IRU Language and Translation Service - Houston

Take care of your business and pay who you owe
 and your name will be removed from the Translator and
Client Hall of Shame!

this domain is paid for the next 20 years plus hosting. Therefore,
this site will not go away. We will pass along to the next generation
and they will keep this site on no matter what!

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